Programming is an art that we love.

We love to create programs. We love beautiful solutions. We aim to improve everything that surrounds us.

Programming Department consists of qualified specialists, graduated from the best Polish schools, who participated in many projects and implemented their own solutions. The founder of the department is the owner and the chairman of the company Rafał A. Figas. He is as well the originator of KSEON Optivum - software known the best in Poland that supports recruitment to upper secondary schools. Please, read more about our people.

Programming is like building a house. If you have any doubts, think as if you were building one. Is a programming plan needed? Of course, have you ever seen a house built without construction plans? Is a documentation needed? Of course, you wouldn’t like to dig out a sewage pipe when renovating your house, would you? How can you know that your contractor did the work properly? Ask the building inspector. As you can see, there is close similarity and any mistakes you could make, intentionally or not, may cause a catastrophe. The conclusion is obvious: do not waste your money! Always build with professionals!

What should you know about us to be fond of us? :)

Firstly, you should remember that cooperating with us means dealing with the best. We avoid getting fatigue, so people working for us must know their jobs very well. Selection of applicants is complex. Every single candidate must possess exact knowledge in scope of IT. We do not hire people by chance. Do you know personnel of our opponents?

Secondly, you have to know that you will not be a testing material. We know our job perfectly. Many years of gaining experience results in offering a well prepared and precise plan – not just good will of cooperation. Do our opponents offer any plan?

Thirdly, our size is ideal for you. What does it mean? There are two most common situations. On the one hand if you choose a company with one or two persons of personnel. In such a case any illness, born child, change of a post excludes the company from holding a project. Can your project wait? On the other hand if you choose a giant that must process a lot of documents at the beginning of execution, your project will not be put into realization at all. Have you ever met such a situation? Our clients have and that is why they are our clients now :).

Moreover always ask for a plan and a documentation. Remember that you do not buy a separate code of software. Successful product consists of a good plan and a thorough documentation as well. You should to know that any approved programmer will not work without a plan and a documentation. Ask our opponents if they can present your project’s documentation. If they ask “What for?” just forget about them. It is wasting of your money.